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Puppets Ministry

Jr. Rods™ Puppet Arm Rods Pair - Chose your color! Professional Puppet ministry


MARY Woman Lady Christian Ministry Bible Church Full Body Handpuppet 15"


Classroom Puppet Stage XL - 2 Tier Professional Tripod Puppet Theater | Ministry


2 Squeegee Blacklight Rod Puppets for Ministry, Teachers, Education


Green Family of Puppets-Ministry/Education-moving mouths, changeable clothes


PR Green Family Brother and Sister Puppets-Ministry,Education, Entertainment


3 Jellybean Candy Puppets-VBS Ministry, Christian Education, Food Program


7 Biblical Little People Puppets 13" tall-Easter ministry,Christian Education


Blacklight Economy Boy Puppet -Ministry,VBS, Education,Teachers


Childrens Ministry Plush Puppet Maddie NWT Religious


Two-Piece Turkey Puppet for Holiday & Thanksgiving programs, ministry, fowl,bird


PR Green Family Grandpa and Grandma Puppets-Ministry,Education, Entertainment


Professional Puppet Ministry Starter Set Lot | Puppet Stage, Puppets, Arm Rods


Little Bible Professional Ventriloquist Ministry Puppet MADE IN THE USA!


4 Blacklight Music Note Puppets for Performance, Ministry, Music Education


Set of 6 Blacklight Boy & Girl Puppets 13"tall Yarn Hair-ministry, Christian Ed


Wrap-Around Ventriloquist Puppet-VBS Ministry,Christian Education, performers


Blacklight Music Note Puppet-Music Education, Easter ministry


Little Mouse Ventriloquist Puppet-Performance ministry, color choices


Large Popular Regular Sycamore Sam Grandpa Puppet for Ministry


Black light Effective Ventriloquist Bird Puppet-ministry,Education-NEW


Blacklight Girl Puppet-13" tall-Ministry,Teachers,Chr Education-Your choice


Large 30" tall Custom-Made Rabbit Ventriloquist Puppet -ministry,education


Lion Puppet for VBS ministry, teachers,zoology


6 Blacklight Tropical Fish Puppets 17" long-VBS ministry,Education,Sealife


Large 30" tall Buzzard Vulture Ventriloquist Puppet -ministry,education


Large 30" tall Vulture Buzzard Ventriloquist Puppet -ministry,education


Blacklight Bumblebee Puppet-ministry, insect, beekeeper education


Macho Mouth ventriloquist puppet-VBS ministry, Christian Education,Oral Health


Large Tan Bunny Rabbit puppet for ministry, ventriloquists, teachers


Pear Fruit Ventriloquist puppet -ministry, gardening, orchard


36 Christian Preschool Lessons with a Bumblebee & Bible Puppets-Ministry


Customizable Boy Puppet #2 - Professional Puppet Ministry, School, Church


Black light Dad and Mom Puppet-Ministry, Entertainment,Education